Muslim Life Planning Network, LLC (MLPN) is a United States based organization formed to address the need for social reformation in education, economic development, culture and governance.   MLPN was originally created to assist in educating and increasing the American Muslim awareness of organ and tissue donation Islamic guidance, and to address other bioethics and critical end of life issues impacting Muslims. The focus quickly became one of concern for the life journey of Muslims addressing issues such as navigating the healthcare and legal systems in non-Muslim countries; and the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of Muslims living and working in non-Muslim countries. Today, we are not only addressing the needs of Muslims in non-Muslim countries, we are educating and participating in critical and profound conversation impacting Muslims around the world.


The Muslim Life Planning Institute, Inc (MLPI) is a non-profit organization founded to deliver dynamic educational materials and instruction to interdisciplinary audiences.  American Muslims are a rapidly growing group that is underserved in the delivery of healthcare services. Although Muslims are one of the most ethnically and racially diverse groups, Muslims are bound together by a common set of beliefs that influences healthcare and end of life choices. There are also a wide range of adherence, religious practice, rituals, and traditions within the Islamic community that must be accounted for when serving this population. Religious values and beliefs shape a patient’s concepts of health and illness, death and dying and can shape expectations related to interactions with healthcare professionals.